Futique Trust

The word “Futique” (the opposite of ‘antique’) was coined by Timothy Leary when he began designing mind-expanding computer software in the 1980s. Futique, Inc., a “Hollywood-based” company, was a consortium of artists, writers, programmers, designers, educators and, of course, philosophers all working toward a common goal.
In 1995, after being diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer, Dr. Leary put all his assets IN TRUST for the future – and so Futique, Inc. became The Futique Trust and was created to manage and oversee his affairs.
The Futique Trust oversees all aspects of the estate and owns all rights to Timothy Leary’s work and image.

“The first narcotics bust in history is Jehovah busting Adam and Eve for eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.” – Tim Leary

“At every level there are eight stages of intelligence. You have to turn your brain on to the circuits that are used at that level of intelligence. And there are ways to change the human brain to different stages. The things that change your brain are called ‘drugs’.” - Tim Leary