Timothy Leary’s Trip Through Time


Timothy Leary’s Trip Thru Time is a witty and informative look at the important events and philosophical developments in the colorful and controversial life of Dr. Timothy Leary. With dashes of Learyesque irreverence, author R.U. Sirius draws connections between Leary’s trips through psychology, psychedelia, politics and technology and the ecstatic highs and harrowing lows of his personal life. A must-read for appreciating Timothy Leary.

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5.00 out of 5

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Just Say Know

    This is a remarkably concise, yet informative and substantive, work that manages to offer unique glimpses and insights into familiar terrain. R.U. Sirius offers a very detailed timeline of critical events in the life of Leary while including amusing asides that only one from Leary’s “inner circle” could have known.

    This highly satisfying book manages piercing objectivity while filtered through the lens of one of Tim’s most erudite and witty fans. Any student of the art of writing will marvel at this accomplishment: packing so much neural candy and intellectual substance into about 135 pages!

    The work serves as an excellent primer to those first exploring this fascinating subject; and provides a delightful refresher and illuminator to those well-versed in the subject.

    Additional features I enjoyed were: a careful exposition of Leary’s philosophic ideas in nice detail; and a diligent dispelling of some of the shakier tenets of Leary’s opponents.

    Bravo to Sirius for crystallizing amazing subject matter into such an entertaining and enlivening story!

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