Tim Leary's Trip Thru Time

Tim Leary’s Trip Thru Time

This e-book is a witty informative and exciting romp through the life of the controversial and colorful Timothy Leary. This chronology of Leary’s life by R.U. Sirius is told with insight, wit and evident love for its subject.

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About the Author:

R.U. Sirius is a writer and editor. His books include Counterculture
Through the Ages with Dan Joy and Design for Dying with Timothy Leary.

From the book:

Leary’s life and work subverts — and intentionally so — any attempt to get
the adjudicators of serious intellectual credibility to give him another
look. After all, more than anything else, he longed to extract the giant
stick from their collective rectums, leaving them bereft and… laughing.
And so, we have ahead of us, in this book, several Timothy Learys (Leary
claimed their were 24 of him.)

There is, certainly, Leary The Thinker. I’m going to do my best by him. I
honor his theories and observations. He may even someday get his wish to
be named the MVP — Most Valuable Philosopher — of the Twentieth Century,
although that will require a whole bunch of things to go right (or wrong,
if you’re a fundamentalist or ideologue of any type) and a future
selection committee with a pretty decent sense of the absurd. In any case,
I’m going to try to be very selective about putting forward his best
ideas; quoting his most insightful quotes and showing his wide range of